Considerations for Die Cutting Gaskets and Pads

Die cut gaskets and pads are typically cut from solid silicone roll or foam which comes in a choice of thicknesses and compounds suitable for many different types of industry application. There are various types of cutting methods used to produce gaskets and cushioning pads and therefore, cutting methods will depend on various factors and materials.
When choosing a material from which to cut gaskets or pads you should consider:
Geometry Parts which have thin walls may not die cut well and would be more suited to water jet cutting.
Material Type Some materials are susceptible to deformation and so may not be appropriate for the die cutting process.
Material Thickness The thickness of the material along with the durometer plays a significant role in how well the material can be cut or even if it can be die cut at all.
Tolerances For softer materials the tolerances will need to be looser than sheet metal tolerances. Parts which require tight tolerances may need solid steel tools or water jet cutting.
Packing and Shipping method Manufacturing cells prefer parts to be packed in a certain fashion such as on silicone roll or on a strip. Considering the packing method before final design can make significant cost savings and manufacturing time.

Considerations for Die Cutting Gaskets and Pads by
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