What Are The Types Of Air Condition Systems

Air conditions have a great role in our daily lives. As we all know, this appliance will give as the cool feeling when summer time comes. But did you know that there are many types of air conditions systems and has different functions? Know what type of air condition you have right now as we give to you its features.

Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP), this is the same with the window mounted air conditioner. This unit is installed in a sleeve passing through an outdoor wall of a home or any building establishments. This only requires an electrical connection in addition to the opening of the building shell. The advantage e of this unit is the flexibility and lower installed cost.

Window air conditioners are installed in a window or an opening wall. This unit can only cool small areas and are not purposely for cooling a multiple areas and manufactured as cool only or can provide both cooling and heating.

The heat pumps are similar to cooling only with one exception. In a chilled water system, liquid water is pumped throughout the building to chilled water coils. This unit is typically referred to as a chiller plant which vapor compression equipment in the plant is needed.

The cooling only split system is a combination of indoor or handling unit and an outdoor condensing unit. This system has the highest energy efficiency rating of all the available air conditioning systems. And its seasonal energy efficiency has from 10 to 20 ratings. The higher the seasonal energy efficiency rating the higher the air condition operates.

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