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When Mayweather Retires, so does Boxing?

            The proof is in Mayweather's paychecks. Why would a whole corporate-owned conglomerate pay just one athlete a great deal money? That's simple. Period, it is because "Prettyboy" Floyd "Money" Mayweather is boxing's sole saviour. hand, charisma and Style speed never blended very well.<br /><br />Once Mayweather retires which is why they offered Floyd such a huge contract rumor has it that Showtime is considering a decrease in business. Showtime's bid for Floyd was pretty sweet. It guarantees the absolute minimum $32 million per fight. Each party consented to a 6-fight deal. All fights must occur in a 36 month (3 year) period.<br /><br />Hidden from the public are the stimulative agreements withstanding should Floyd retire, get knocked out or otherwise fail to fulfill the contract clause. Is that an intelligent move for Showtime? You bet. Especially since its main competitor and rival HBO has recently lost its one-man boxing franchise. Perhaps Mayweather Jr. himself said it best, "I box for the money, belts just collect dust ultimately."<br /><br />Doubt him if you will but the entire sports community will shatter upon this one man's departure of the sport that he so devoted his entire life. Greatness is alike. So the idea of Floyd's lasting retirement only stirs thoughts remnant of Michael Jordan. He's secured his legacy inside the boxing ring many times over for quite some time undoubtedly.<br /><br /><br />I know you can wait for Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana match this September, buy tickets now and watch them live from MGM Grand.
When Mayweather Retires, so does Boxing? by
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