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What Makes Manny Pacquiao a Champion?

Pacquiao uses the double arm block to great effect. They know he can’t just back away, despite the fact that Cotto is super strong, so Pac is pleased to ‘tease’ at long range. He needs to supply a ‘clear and offer danger’ for the bigger, stronger opponent. We perceive the consummate Pacquiao fight strategy to manage strong, dangerous opponents.

Cotto launches an attack and then in response Pacquiao retreats and instantly springs straight back to fire from the old faithful one-two. This is basically the classic double-attack, a popular of Manny’s.

At the beginning of the 2nd round, there are many real eye-catching exchanges of single and double shots at long range. Cotto is extremely proficient and Pac is using the previous faithful double arm block to deal with the incoming power shots from Cotto. We notice Pacquiao at his deadly best having a jab – long left uppercut – long right uppercut out from the double arm block. These shots spear through Cotto’s tight guard. From that time and also for the next 20 seconds, Pacquiao’s long range jobs are simply brilliant, using singles and doubles combined with great footwork.

As the quantity of danger and threat increases with the opponent faced, so Pacquiao’s tactics and execution rise in their effectiveness. That’s what this Pacquiao fight proves, apart from the proven fact that Pac Man can be a highly intelligent boxer.

Make sure to watch the Pacquiao vs Algieri fight this coming November 23rd, China time.

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