What Is Visio And Do I Have A Use For It?

Microsoft is launching various softwares. Microsoft office is one of the best and widely used software. Microsoft Office users are usually familiar with Word and Excel at the very least. For other versions of Office, PowerPoint and Access usually join the fray in the realms of common knowledge, too. There are a few applications and features that currently don’t come bundled with Office, so the majority of people never use them, or have even heard of them. Visio is one of these such applications.

Perhaps one of the reasons Visio is lesser-known is that it hasn’t always been a Microsoft product, (they acquired it from the Visio Corp in 2000). Nor has it ever appeared in any of the Office suites, (it’s standalone and have to buy it separately). Before you decide to splash out, it’s best to decide if you really need it. For more help you can also search visio training in los angeles on the internet.

Visio is essentially a program for creating vector diagrams – a precise, mathematical form of illustration and drawing. If you think you’ve never seen a Vector before, (most of us being familiar with JPGs, GIFS, bitmaps or raw images from our digital cameras), you’d be wrong. If you’ve ever used clipart or played with fonts, then these commonly use vector images. For more help, you can also browse the internet. There are lots of websites available online which can help you.

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