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What Do Peruvians Eat?

Some people call Lima a gastronomical capital of South America. It is the capital of Peru and also the biggest city in Peru. People who take Peru tours usually visit Lima and there they have the opportunity to taste their specific cuisine. After tracking, sightseeing and maybe dancing Peruvian dances, the best thing to do is to relax in one of the local restaurants and taste traditional Peruvian food. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago, their cuisine was not well known in the world, but lately it became recognized by gourmands and now it is one of the most popular world cuisines. The variety of fruits, vegetables and spices makes Peruvian cuisine rich and delicious.

Best Peruvian dishes include variety of potatoes, including a sweet potato. Very popular is causa, a dish made of potato and avocado stuffed with eggs and tuna or shrimps. Beef and chicken is often used in Peruvian meals, but they also eat something not so ordinary a guinea pig. Peruvians also prepare alpaca meat. Alpaca is an animal living in mountains, similar to llama. Its meat tastes like beef or buffaloes. Most Peru tours take tourists to exotic nature and there they can taste all kinds of exotic fruit. Avocado, limes, chirimoyas, capulins,and aguajes are only some of them.

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