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Top 3 Picks For IPhone 5 Glass Screen Protector

Making a switch from plastic screen protector into tempered glass screen protector really makes a big difference. Thats why, iPhone 5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector is widely sold in the market. Thus, it is continuously developed and improved by many manufacturers. But remember that along with fake Smartphones, there are many tempered Glass Screen Protectors that are cheaply sold and made with low quality. To help you out, here are the top 3 choices for iPhone 5 Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

First on the list is the well-known SpigenGLAS SLIM Screen Protector. Its price is roughly estimated to $35. It is very hassle-free in installation. Spigen takes pride on it, as they said that its 28% thinner and lighter with its 0.23-mm thick strip. It is perfectly made to help swerve shocks and reduces fingerprints. Drop your phone, and it wont break or scratch your screen. Second is the BelkinTrueClearInvisiGlass Screen Protector at $40. Its glass screen protector is flexible, thus, it makes it 9 times stronger than any other screen protectors in the market. What makes it more appealing is its lifetime warranty service. Lastly is the Bodyguardz, which is around $34. Aside from its perfect features, it also offers the advantages replacement program. Wherein, you can buy a new one at a fraction of the price. Also, you also enjoy its normal feel of a glass screen without any problems in screen clarity and quality. Hopefully, you can decide whichever screen protector will give more advantage and worth on your money.

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