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The Undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr on May 3

            Floyd Mayweather Jr. is unquestionably the smartest technical fighter to have fought. Instinctively he possesses otherworldly ability and talent. A current undefeated professional record backs which claim. The entire world is at his feet whenever he is in that ring. All opponents which have come before him have fallen short, or as Mayweather himself states:<br /><br />"Many tried but all have failed. There is not any blueprint concerning how to beat Floyd Mayweather, period."<br /><br />Fortunately for Mayweather this might continue true. Lacking raw talent rarely sprung from today's top contenders in the welterweight, lightweight and junior middleweight divisions requires a fix. Those who hold undefeated career records are generally because of substantial engagements as to what fans reference as "tune-up" bouts. For a lot of Mayweather's boxing career fighter's careers have already been solely based around remaining undefeated.<br /><br />Smaller weight class fighters have already been very selective when selecting their opponents. For a loss would more than likely ruin their likelihood of a match with Mayweather Jr. since they advance the ladder of distinguishable weight divisions? It's no fluke. He's the most effective. At some point one must give approach to the much too frequent mentioning of admiration from top 10 mainstream music artists and A-list celebratory figures.<br /><br />Watch Mayweather vs Maidana this coming May 3 at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.<br />
The Undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr on May 3 by
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