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The Waxing Specialty Salon In Orange County

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OC waxing and aesthetics salon is the waxing salon, known for providing exclusive waxing services in Orange County. We are very different from other nail salons in Orange County due to the high level of services provided by us. A Waxing specialty salons works towards providing smooth and glowing skin to its clients, making sure that the procedure is carried out with absolute cleanliness. Men and women all over Orange County have placed their trust in us over the years, and we are now providing our services at three locations of Costa Mesa, Mission Viejo and Laguna Niguel. We bring amazing discount offers on full body and bikini wax on return services taken within a month, and also bring a variety of full body waxing packages including Brazilian waxing, classic bikini, French bikini and play boy bikini. Date discount and lotus loyalty packages are the ways we have devised to honor our regular clients. All these incredible discount offers come along with a promise of hygiene, cleanliness and use of best quality products. OC waxing and aesthetic salon is the place to go if you look to flaunt a perfectly smooth and hairless skin. For the most comfortable and relaxing waxing experience, get in touch with us right now.

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Full Body Wax At Locations Across Orange County

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At OC waxing and aesthetic salon, we provide high class full body waxing services in three locations across Orange County, which are Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa and Laguna Niguel. We have customized full body wax services, both for men and women, which can help them get rid of unwanted body hair and flaunt an amazingly clean and hair less skin. We have the best waxologists along with good quality products, such as hypoallergenic waxes and good hygiene to give you the most comfortable body wax services. We have an appointment system of working, for which you have to book an appointment if you want a waxing service from us. Since we are a very busy salon, we want to give the most suitable time for our customers, which is the reason of our working with appointments. We even give waxing services to females during the period on the condition that they wear a tampon. It is just that we prefer customers to avoid body wax at this time as the skin is more sensitive at this time. You can get answers to more questions and information about us on our website. For an appointment for full body wax mission viejo, call us right now.

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