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The Sustainable Development Of UAE

As the term “sustainable development” indicates it refers to development ordinary manner that it works with sustenance. The natural resources which are utilized for the development must be consumed ordinary manner that they may replenish as well as the remaining quantities are enough for your coming generations.

Sustainable development thus means development which facilitates the actual continuance of life on our world. The needs of this current generation must not undermine the aspirations into the future generation.

The UAE federal government law no. 24 of 1999 contains conditions regarding sustainable development. Primary, it casts a duty within the people responsible for development from the country or those that play any role in the operation of development, who have the effect of planning, economic and constructional development, to consider aspects of protection from the environment, control of pollution and rational usage of natural resources when establishing economic and social plans when establishing and executing involving projects. You can read more about the valid rules of the UAE government policies through and such other websites.

The second responsibility vested inside the Federal Environmental Agency who is to consult and coordinate with all the competent authorities and people concerned with the development and undertake the preparing, revision, issuance, development in addition to updating measurements and specifications of environment protection.

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