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Silicone and Automotive Use

Silicone rubber is the ideal material for use within the automotive industry. This excellent and versatile material is able to deliver strength, durability and reliability to a huge range of products and seals used in our modern vehicles.

Silicone rubber has excellent weathering properties which help to extend the service life of automotive assemblies. It helps to make them more resistant to weathering such as rain, wind and salt and it also protects components and seals against abrasion, vibration, UV rays and attack from fuels and chemicals. Where silicone is used, joints and seals will typically last longer and require less maintenance and therefore costs are reduced.

Automotive silicone products such as silicone sheeting are used to provide cushioning, create seals and gaskets, load bearing, suppress vibration and absorb shock in all parts of a car from the seat you drive from, to the dashboard, door seals and engine gaskets. All this helps to improve the ride quality and eliminate road noise and vibration to make our lives more comfortable.

Silicone rubber is used in almost all areas of the modern car including the air bags, engine gaskets, electrical cable sheathings, radiator seals, hoses, shock absorbers and spark plug boots. Available in both extrusions and in sheeting form, silicone is the number one choice of the automotive industry.

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