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Safekeeping documents, old pictures and old memorabilia

These are all irreplaceable. Digital or not. Things can't go away from the fire. When the fire strikes, it happens in just a speed of light. The fire will just pass away all with your tangible memorabilia.

Uncontrolled fire or sudden fire. It easily spreads out and must be contained immediately. It is best to check if your house is capable of handling this issue immediately. Having a fire cabinet is a must in every household. It will protect your valuables.

Come and Join us on November 16, as we will show different types of fire cabinets. Each Fire Cabinets showcase will match your home needs. The larger your home is, the more features you need for your home.

Global Spill caters all your need when it comes to Spill Containers. Spill containers that will cater all your containment -products such as spill-pallets, drip-trays, booms, absorbent-pillows & various styles of safety cabinets & dangerous good storage containers.

Global Spill supplies products such as skimmers, pumps which are vital to a compact spill clean up. The cabinets have different specifications and series. Each provides your specific needs and your budget. Fire Cabinets that should be installed in your home, school, building or offices. 

Most Fire Cabinets come in different options. This includes tempered glass, decals, locks, fire rating and recessed handles. It comes in different sizes, models and styles to match your home and business themes. 

Most Fire Cabinets are from white baked steel to aluminum to stainless steel to plastic then to fiberglass and then to wood. All are made from highest quality materials.

Be prepared on November 16, 2016 for a wide variety of showcases of fire cabinets and other products. Come and watch out for this. Call our friendly-team they will be glad to assist you.

Safekeeping documents, old pictures and old memorabilia by
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