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Replacing PVC Strip Curtains

Have you been thinking about replacing your plastic strip curtains? Whilst your older set may still have a good few years left in them you may want to consider updating them for the added benefits that current plastic strip curtains have. There have been slight changes made to some plastic strip curtains so that you can now get some with ribbed edges, this means that they will no longer stick together when falling back in to place leaving small gaps in the barrier. Instead the ribbed edged mean that the plastic strip curtains will fall back into place in a uniformed straight line with no overlap or clinging.

As well as this change you are also able to get tinted plastic strip curtains which can be a great help if they are used externally they are able to filter sunlight, cutting out the harsher ultra violet rays as well as repelling insects and giving your employees more natural light to work in. Other tints available can help reduce glare from welding or cutting machinery which would otherwise be harmful to employees vision this means that employees beyond the tinted plastic strip curtains would not need to constantly wear goggles in order to prevent momentary blindness or eye problems.

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