Practice Area of A Personal Injury Firm

Auto Accidents: Automobile or motor vehicle accidents comprise one of the most common types of injury cases. Our office is highly skilled in handling auto accidents of all types, including accidents involving 2 or more motor vehicles; bicycles being struck by automobiles; and, pedestrians being struck by automobiles. Read on  to learn more about car accident lawsuits

Slips, Trips, and Falls: Fall cases are also very common personal injury actions. These cases come under the category of Apremises liability actions. Usually, these types of cases consist of people slipping and falling in substances on floors within a business premises. Although, they can also be incidents where a person is tripped by something being left on a floor, or protruding into aisles, etc. Our office has also handled several claims that fall within premises liability work that involved products, or boxes, falling from shelves in stores after being negligently stocked.

Wrongful Death Cases: Obviously, this is one of the most emotionally traumatic cases that someone might have to go through. Whether a person is killed during an auto accident, or by some other negligent act, our office is trained to quickly and accurately compile all information that will be required for the claim. We are also extremely understanding and sympathetic to the emotional loss and devastation suffered by the family.

Product Liability: If a product is in an unreasonably dangerous condition when it is manufactured or distributed and causes injury to someone, the manufacturer or distributor can be held Astrictly liable for damages. Usually, the product has a design defect or manufacturing defect which constitutes the unreasonably and defective condition which imposes liability on the manufacturer or distributor. The manufacturer or distributor can and usually is also sued for negligent design or negligent manufacturing.

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