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Popular Hair Loss Treatment For Men

            If you are suffering from hair loss, there are for sure treatments that can really help. One that is most popular among people is Propecia, hair loss medicine for men. For men only, this is a medicine that has shown some excellent results at stopping hair loss. It cannot be used by women.<br /><br />The treatment of male pattern baldness in the early stages is probably the uses of propecia. How does this system work? Often the cause of hair loss is the result of a hormone called DHT. This kind of hormone is generated by the male growth hormone and another enzyme. More Information on propecia can be found over Propecia 4 Free.<br /><br />This enzyme is named 5-alpha red uctase. When testosterone and also this enzyme combine, they form any hormone called DHT. When men begin to lose their hair, there are follicles that may become receptors for DHT. This really is already predetermined by genetics.<br /><br />DHT is attracted to these follicles and will attach to them and begins treating them as if they can't belong. The process is a lot like how the body reacts while fighting colds or other international germs. The result is a chemical change that creates the hair follicles to start to shrink. After a period of time, they will be unable to build hair.
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