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Methods to Increase Height

            Swimming the Breast Stroke

Swimming is a good way of stretching your body. Doing the breast stroke helps to lengthen your body through its natural stretching action. When you are kicking with both legs to propel yourself forward, you also create the force to stretch your body out.

By stretching your body through swimming, the effect of gravity compressing your spine is reduced. The added benefits are you develop better endurance and a nicer physique!

Height Increase By Hanging From A Bar

You can use the earth’s natural gravity to stretch out your spine. For this, you need a bar which you can hang from in a pull-up position. From 10 seconds to 1 minute, relaxing your body while hanging from a bar will cause your spinal column to stretch. You are stretching out your spine as you do on a regular basis.

The Use of Body Inversion To Increase Your Height

Another method that you can increase your height is through the use of a body inversion table. In simple layman terms, it means hanging upside down from an inversion table. Or if you are stronger and up to it, you can hang upside down for your pull-up bar. However, always make sure you take the necessary precautions to maintain safety. Just do what you can, and keep yourself safe from injury.

Increasing Your Height Through Stretching

Through stretching, you can increase your height naturally. You cause your body to become more flexible as well as grow taller when you can do your stretching exercises on a regular basis. You can add a couple of inches to your height when you do the proper stretching exercises on a regular basis. Without a doubt, by doing the specially designed height increase exercises on a regular basis, you will be growing taller as your body responds.for more 

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