I fell in love at the music studio

            Some people go to the bar, some people go to church, but I go to the studio. Toronto's music scene is diverse and thriving, any in-the-know local will tell you. You can go to a different show every night. But where I find my passion, and where I am really at both my best and my worst, is in one of the music studios in Toronto. Growing up playing in a high school band and running relay events on the track team (hey, I was trying everything I could to meet girls) I had coaches and teachers yelling at me about technique, timing and teamwork. You hand off the baton a certain way to your teammate. The pad of your finger hits a string in a specific way to create a specific sound. What the other person is doing matters but you can't focus on it, you can only focus on your own performance.<br /><br />Inside the studio, I never stop getting a thrill from Matty in the booth, wincing if we fall out of rhythm. Screw you, Matty! I want to yell through the glass. I met Matty in the studio, when I heard him turning three girls with full, Vaudeville-style voices and their cheap keyboards into a trio with a loud, dense, rich sound like the Shangri-la's. It was already in them, he knew it.
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