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How To Pick A Cuff Style For Your Custom Made Shirts?

Imagine this; you are shopping on the internet for a new tailor made dress shirt, and something catches your eye, just before you click to get the custom made dress shirt… so what got your attention? Is it the color or design, the brand or the price? Whatever the main reason may be, you likely were not looking at the cuffs. Although you may not always pay attention to cuffs, but it’s an important detail of the dress shirt.

Various cuff styles to select from

So let us start with the basics. There are three main kinds of cuffs, Barrel & French (or the Napoleon). Barrel cuffs are the most typical, normally with one or two buttons; some online tailors may also have a three button option accessible as well.

These cuffs are found on many store bought shirts and it is an excellent option for the office or worn casually. French cuffs are more formal, refined, and demand cuff-links. French cuffs are best worn with a formal suit, where your cuffs fall marginally below the blazer sleeves. Now customized t-shirts are very popular among youngsters. You can even print print Malcolm X Posters through Because of Them We can online.

So how should cuffs actually fit?

The size of your cuffs ought to be picked based on your own body proportions, hence there isn’t a set standard. Remember, distinct cuff styles will determine the peak of your cuffs.

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