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How to Invest in This Recession

In December, 2008, we saw the major stock market indicators drop & drop. Investors & employees heard today that the US is in a recession (& has been since 2007). People investing for retirement are very worried about their IRA’s & 401 (k)’s.

First, I would think about bonds; US government bonds (T-Bills). These ought to rise in value, & pay a tiny amount of interest.

Second, think about gold & silver. You can buy gold through any brokerage by ordering “GLD” through your account.

Third, think about PASDX (PIMCO All Asset). PASDX invests in commodities, stocks, government bonds (including governments of other countries), REITs, & corporate bonds. This investment has held up much over the last few months. If you want to know more about it then click at this link

Fourth, you could think about “puts” in stocks you think are going to get clobbered. “Puts” are options to sell short. Sell short means to bet a stock will go down. If the stock goes up, you lose the cost of your option order.

If selling individual stocks short is not for you, think about a mutual fund that sells short (like BEARX). There are numerous bearish mutual funds, & there’s funds that are long, short, with different asset classes, etc.

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