How To Find A Pet Sitter

Dogs are like family for their owners. So, when they have to travel leaving them alone is a major concern. This article serves as a checklist that helps you determine what is important for you and for your pet.

There are several things to consider when shopping for a pet sitter. First priority is having trust on pet sitter. Trust will bring peace of mind and comfort in you that there is someone to take care of your pets.

Some things to consider that may help establish trust for you are:

1. Is the pet sitter, dog walker, house sitter licensed, bonded and insured?

2. Do they offer references and have testimonials?

3. Are they professional pet sitters?

4. Are they active in their community? Do they give back?

5. How long they have been in business?

6. Do they have any other qualifications like being Pet First Aide certified?

7. But most importantly, do you feel comfortable with them. Trust your instinct and intuition more than anything else.

Another important issue to consider when looking for a pet sitter is their credibility and professionalism. There are many people out there that are doing pet sitting for fun and as a part time thing but don’t have any real qualifications for doing so, other than a love of animals. Indeed, love is the most important factor to look out in a pet sitter.

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