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How Much Does a Photo Booth Cost?

Photo booth rentals have been growing in popularity simply because they were first available for rental about a decade ago. We know that developing a photo booth for event will offer numerous positive enhancements to the overall experience of one's event. The main question you probably have is how to afford renting an image booth? You'll most be surprised to see that renting photo booths are something that you could afford. You can also visit to know more aboutphoto booths.

What does a booth usually cost

When looking for photo booths ensure that you look over all of the different packages that they feature. Chances are how the rental company could have a package which usually suits your event ideal. Some companies offer several types of photo booths for rental. Their classic (first generation) booth generally cost more to control and thus use a higher cost for rental. These first generation booths could also have additional requirements of one's venue greatly assist bulkiness and their particular greater weight. This type of booth will more than likely cost between $900 and $1500 due to the rental for some hours.

The newer (digital) booths are simpler to maintain and in turn their rentals are less expensive than the basic booths. You also don't need to worry about your digital booths easily fitting into your venue because these booths weigh considerably less and they are far less bulky versus classic style booths.

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