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Have a Holiday Home-Spa Party

Here’s a unique way to offer gifts for your friends, family, clients, or employees – flip your Holiday Party right into a Home-Spa Party! Rather than giving that gift certificate with the spa visit to each of the person on your list (which really can add up), bring the spa to them with great services. You are able to save a fortune, let them have the gift they desire, and network your entire community together likewise. You can even promote yourself when you market a wellness product or offer your services. This can be described as a real win-win situation. To do all this you just need to contact glama gals tween spa Vaughan.

Here are some tips about how to have a Holiday Home-Spa Gathering:

–Pick a date in December in the heart of the week and schedule it with the evening. Another good time is in the week between Christmas and also New Years.

–Start it at 5 or 6 PM since the work day is merely finishing

–Have light healthful snacks, but plenty of which. Have one dish that is carb rich for the actual hungry. This gives your group the alternative to eat light or help it become their dinner.

–Hire your preferred massage therapist, foot reflexologist, power healer, astrologer, and private coach. Choose one or two of the vendors – or have them all. You must also make list what spa services they are providing to you.

–Schedule your vendors to present 10 – 20 second sessions (depending on the amount of people you have).

–Pay them for the evening using the understanding that this party is a means to promote themselves, so the fees needs to be minimal.

–Set up stations in your residence or office for each and every vendor

–Allow them to own their business cards viewable at their station.

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