Halifax PPI Common Charges for Reclaim

Halifax is among the banks that has the most number of complainants about the mis-sold halifax ppi. It is indeed discouraging to know that you were cheated by your trusted bank. Its a good thing that fines has been imposed by Financial Services Authority not only to Halifax but also to other banks who mishandled the selling of PPI. After thorough evaluation, you must have considerable claim for halifax ppi. Among the things that you need to consider is that you were not aware that halifax ppi was added to your account without your approval. Halifax did not inform you that the policy is optional and can be purchase somewhere else.

You were not properly informed about the scope of the policy. You were told that purchasing PPI can help your loan application. You were self-employed or unemployed during your application. You were told that PPI will cover the entire loan term when in fact it will only cover short period. You were not informed about the PPI interest that you will be paying over the life of the loan. Those are the common liability of halifax ppi. If you think you qualify among those situations, you should file a claim to Halifax. For your convenience you may get a help from Financial Ombudsmen Service.

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