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Give Your Home Colour

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            No matter what kind of style youve given your home, youll undoubtedly want to showcase your familys personality, likes and dislikes through your home dcor. Whether you have children, you live alone, or you share your home with roommates, there are lots of ways you can do this. Even if you all have very different interests, youll still be able to let everyone who visits your house know what your favourite things are through the way you decorate your property. <br /><br />Being playful through your use of dcor is one of the best ways to do this, but youll still need your furnishings to have practical functions as well. Finding this fine balance between playful and practical can be a little tricky you can easily end up with a design thats too far in one direction or the other. <br /><br />A room can be incredibly practical, yet brightly coloured. This will help to bring the room to life, and itll make it fun to be in! One of the best ways to use colour is sparingly rather than having every piece of furniture in one room made of the brightest colours possible, choose just a few key features, such as a coloured electric radiator.
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