Deciding On The Right Lawyer For Your Needs

What is the Role of Criminal Law Firms

in Different Types of Criminal Litigation?

If you want proper representation in different legal issues then it will be necessary to hire a criminal law firm. Law firms has required expertise and experience to understand the complex legal issues involved in any criminal case and take required steps to protect your interest. In this context we will look at the role played by law firms in different types of legal situations.

Role of Criminal Law Firms in Different Types of Criminal Litigation

White Collar Crime – Appellate Litigation – Professional Discipline Cases – Anti Money Laundering Cases

White Collar Crime

criminal law firmA criminal law firm has to represent corporations as well as individuals in case they are charged with fraud or other related offenses under regulatory statutes or the Criminal Code.

Experienced law firms have the expertise in civil as well as criminal litigation and are well suited to represent clients in matters of business crime. The other advantage of hiring an experienced law firm is that they strive to achieve the best result irrespective of how complex a case is and work in a very discreet manner. If your company has become victim of fraud or if the company has been drawn into a case involving business crime investigation then you should hire a criminal law firm to represent you in such criminal case.

Appellate Litigation

Reputed law firms also function as appellate litigation firms and can represent you in different types of appeals such as civil, criminal as well as administrative appeals. Another good thing about experienced law firms is that they have expert appellate lawyers with required knowledge and skills to adequately represent you in court of Appeal.

Professional Discipline Cases

A criminal law firm has to defend as well as prosecute professional discipline cases before different professional bodies. Many of these cases get resolved when a written response is submitted, without requiring any type of disciplinary hearing. In other instances, such cases are defended before a hearing panel of the professional body. Moreover, the law firms have needed advocacy and mediation skills to achieve remarkable resolutions in different professional discipline cases.

Advice and Representation in Anti Money Laundering Cases

A criminal law firm provides useful advice to entities who have to deal with various compliance concerns arising due to present anti money laundering regulations. Additionally, law firms offer representation as well as advice to companies who face compliance review. The law firms are also responsible for responding to notices or inquiries related to administrative monetary penalties. In case it becomes necessary, the law firms get involved in review as well as litigation taking place before courts. Lawyers are also responsible for performing internal investigation as well as offering due diligence services in case allegation arise about breach of statute or other regulations. In addition to it, if required, the criminal law firm will also provide detailed submissions to authorities such as FINTRAC for addressing regulatory or administrative processes.


To summarize we will say that it is quite essential to have proper representation in legal issues and a law firm can take required actions to protect your position in such legal situations.

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