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How Do You Make Your Own Website If You Do Not Have Web Design Knowledge?

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This is quite a tricky question. A serious web designer will tell you that this is impossible and that you have two choices: hire a professional or start learning how to create everything yourself. What the professional does not actually tell you is that you can learn everything from the internet and you only need 10 minutes to build your very first site. So, how do you make your own website?

For starters, you need to buy a hosting package and a domain name. Then, you need to use one of the tools inside the control panel to install WordPress. This is a blogging platform that has a huge popularity at the moment. In the event that you cannot install through the control panel, you just have to follow the instructions that you find in the help file associated with the blogging platform. The entire install process lasts up to 5 minutes. As soon as you install WordPress, you have to choose a suitable theme. There are literally thousands that are available and it is impossible not to find one that you will love. Finish your complete site installation by adding some useful plugins and you are done. The entire process just takes 10 minutes after you get used to it.