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My TaxRefund – Your Mobile Tax Filing Solution

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When you read this mobile app review, you will know exactly how to track your tax refund right from your mobile phone.

My TaxRefund

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More than likely, you will have an income tax return whether you end up paying taxes or not. This process used to cause a major headache for many people and involved mailing a large stack of papers to the IRS. Then, you would have to patiently wait for a refund to be sent back to you. E-filing made the process much faster, but there was still no way to track a return once it was filed.

TurboTax now has a new mobile app that addresses the tracking problem. Instead of calling the help line at the IRS and sitting on hold waiting for someone to answer, you can use the MyTaxRefund app that is provided exclusively by TurboTax to know the status of your refund check in real time, right from your mobile device.

The latest version of the TurboTax app is easy-to-use and it will work if you have used TurboTax or another electronic filing service in the past. It is a great tool and it has received a 3-star rating on iTunes and a 4.5 star rating at the Google Play store.

When using the app, you just provide the same information as you would on the TurboTax online system that is used for laptops or desktop computers. By following just a few steps, you can get your refund in no time and always know the status of your submission.

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Volunteer Tax Advisors Are Helping Tax Preparers

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Tax Season Tip: What to Bring to Your Accountant

Tax Season Tip: What to Bring to Your Accountant (Photo credit: State Farm)

Volunteer tax advisors who are helping tax preparers with their tax taxes in the New Year

Volunteer tax advisors who are helping tax preparers with their tax taxes in the New Year
Every year those who prepare taxes have a hectic job ahead of compiling details from the previous year. In order to ensure that they come up with the correct figures, they need to properly calculate the balances, the total amount collected, and establish what had been omitted and exaggerated in the previous year. Without assistance it would take them a long time to finish up the work. With this understanding, a number of individuals have come up to voluntarily assist them in order to make their work easier and faster and eliminate the tax taxes. This is both through the offering of advice as well as actual assistance.

Volunteer tax advisors
There are a number of tax advisors who have started to help tax preparers for the new tax year. Their main function is to help the clients who need help to get their taxes done and check out the resource fair of their finances at an absolutely no charge. These involve any information that pertains to credit reports, bank accounts, savings programs among other financial elements. In this sense, they aim at making sure that their clients take advantage of each break they possibly can. They include:

• AARP Foundation tax Aide program offers tax assistance online. It is one of the largest companies that offers tax assistance and services of preparation that is free and run on a voluntary basis. This is offered by it’s over 5,000 nationwide locations that are established to assist tax payers. Unlike in the past where they only helped older Americans, this program has been currently expanded to offer assistance to tax payers of all ages who earn an income of less than $50,000 and face large tax taxes.

Combining the help with tax in addition to the receipt of financial education has currently become a common free event. They are provided to low and middle income earners whop lose millions of cash every year in the form of credits that are unclaimed. These also include additional fees that are charged for preparation. Thus, a large number of workers often lose financial amounts that they seriously need because they have to pay in order to have their taxes calculated. It is because of this willingness to help that the number of large and free tax preparation events has been witnessed in most parts of the world. In this way, most of these workers have been able to save hugely.



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