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            The choice method of your wedding flowers will usually start with a discussion of the Bride's bouquet. You will can select of several basic styles. These are cascade, crescent, contemporary, nosegay, hand tied bouquet & arm or presentation style. You can better prepare for your first meeting along with your florist in case you bring the following;

o A list of those in your wedding party that will need flowers.

o A list of what flowers you will need at the ceremony.

o A list of what flowers will be needed at the reception, including table count, size & shape.

o Color/fabric swatches & pics of your dress & bridesmaids dresses, in case you have them.

o Feel free to also bring pics of flowers that you like.

Your florist will also have pics of flowers, bouquets & arrangements to help decide exactly what will generate the marriage of your dreams. If your wedding has a "theme", let your florist know before the consultation, as they can prepare suggestions to fit the style of your wedding. After style, the next thing to think about is if there's any specific flowers you need. For more help visit .

Keep in mind that some flowers are not in season year round. The flowers that will give the best presentation are those in their season prime. Make definite you let your florist know if your ceremony and/or reception will be held outside. Definite flowers do not hold up in hot/humid conditions. Think about color, shape, & fragrance when selecting your bouquet flowers. A note of advice on color choice, avoid all white flowers, they do not photograph well.

It is important that you are upfront along with your florist about your budget. Not for your bouquet but for all of your flowers. Be realistic. You may need a $200 bridal bouquet, but in case you only have $400 for a flower budget, you won't have left for three bridesmaids bouquets, two corsages, three boutonnieres & 15 centerpieces for your reception. Select similar flowers to be used throughout your wedding. Using twenty different kinds of flowers will quickly increase the cost. Your florist can balance your needs along with your budget. They can offer options. For more help visit flowers such as Orchids are , but they are more expensive. Think about more affordable flowers in case you are on a budget. Don't plan your wedding near giant flower holidays, such as Valentine's Day, Easter & Mother's Day. In case you do, expect to pay more for your flowers. Not because the florist's need to charge you more, but due to the fact that the wholesalers charge more in the work of these busy holidays based on growing & demand.

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    Also, it is great that you have a clear theme so you can be at the same pace with your florist. Preserve Flower Utah

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