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The Ford Mustang Still Rules The Road When It Comes To Price Vs Performance

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The Ford Mustang is an well known car. Even those folks not into cars or trucks know about the Ford Mustang and want to ride in one. It is, after many years, still the favorite car of the teenage and younger driver. Most teens will wind up with the old family car resulting in their driving a van, old truck or a sensible commute car like a Honda Civic.

The Ford Mustang is just a great car. It sounds and acts like a muscle car should. Even the one with the V-6 engine makes a singularly pitched sound when you step on the gas that is hard to duplicate, even with a Camaro or Challenger. This car is still sold with a manual transmission option and has rear drive that leads to a more powerful feeling when driving the car. A real petrol-head, however, would much prefer the Ford Mustang GT version which comes with the V-8, 5 liter engine that generates 435 hp or more. This car responds wonderfully to all gear changes and is a joy to run out on the highway or track. Those that want a car with a haute coutour bent will prefer the Shelby GT500, all though Ford is not making that model in the 2015 year.

At the end of the day, one could most likely get almost any teen to agree eagerly to a list of chores or grade improvements if he or she could drive a Mustang. Older models can be found for as little as 10K and new models runs from about $25K to 35K. Oh, to be young again.